Health Development


Health is a fundamental driver in the overall pace of human centric development. Together with education and other aspects, health is the next most important focus center at GLOWHY. Ensuring access to health development is important in our understanding for sustainable and equitable development. Thus, in our initiatives towards social development, we recognize the necessity of health development right from the early ages to grown up adults. In our programs we have made an attempt of splitting some of the most important components for health development. Our beliefs and initiatives there under are discussed as follow:

Spiritual : The art of healthy living


In order to have an abundant life, we at GLOWHY believe that spiritual development forms a very important component of the overall health development. Through our initiatives and programs we aim at developing a shared understanding of a contemporary model of spirituality. By the term contemporary model spirituality, we simply mean that we work towards providing spiritual mentorship for the art of healthy and happy living. Towards constructive spiritual growth and development we have designed programs focusing on self analysis, behavior correction practices and activities of similar nature.

Physical : Maintenance of body


Throughout our initiatives, we at GLOWHY have placed major emphasis on promoting the component of physical development towards overall health development. Focusing on physical health development stems from an understanding that it facilitates one’s ability to learn faster. In other words, it helps in making the body more productive and active. The growth of physical health development flows as a continuous process. At GLOWHY we make an attempt to understand the physical health problems that can impede a person’s development and are associated with poor health outcomes. As a result of such understanding, we have initiated programs such as ‘health awareness program’, ‘medical camps and medicines’ and activities of similar nature.

Mental : Being positive and proactive


At GLOWHY, right attitude of mind is recognized as the third very important component for overall health development. A healthy mind is the key to a healthy body and well being. The science of health development shows that the foundation for a healthy body is built with a sound mind. Our mission is to provide access to quality health care opportunities to individuals which focus on their overall health development including mind peace. Our initiatives under mental health development include meditation and yoga training programs per person. However, through our repeated efforts of organizing health awareness programs for underprivileged social groups, we aim at covering all the facets of health development which we feel our pivotal in this sphere.

Our vision of creating empowered sections of society, aims at bringing all elements of health development together. Thus, we welcome suggestions and participation from our members and volunteers.

To know more about initiatives under the health development or any of its components, get in touch with us directly. We also invite members, volunteers, organizations already working or interested to work with us in this sphere.

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